Broncos at Chiefs: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I apologize on the delay of this post. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to view the game for a few days afterwards. One observation I made throughout the game was the formation differences in the first half verses the second half. In the first half we saw a mix of a hybrid offense with some I-formations and Run N Shoot formations (or what many call Manning’s offense). The second half primarily consisted of the Run N Shoot formation and we saw a lot less pressure on Manning. However, I don’t expect we’ll drop the hybrid offense in the future as the offensive line is still growing and we’re still developing. Moving on, then:

The 10 Things I Liked:

  1. Two interceptions!
  2. Five turnovers!
  3. Double-teaming DT leaves Sanders wide open
  4. Norwood shined
  5. Shaq Barrett
  6. Offensive line pulled it together second half
  7. McManus is 3/3 on 50+ yard field goals
  8. Juwan Thompson on special teams (stripped the ball)
  9. Mathis looked much more comfortable
  10. We have extra days between our next game

The 10 Things I Didn’t Like:

  1. Our run defense still needs work
  2. Ryan Harris blew it
  3. Brandon Marshall did not do well in pass coverage
  4. 4 personal fouls in the first half
  5. Run blocking needs help
  6. Another pick-six
  7. Manning over-throwing deep passes
  8. Owen Daniels was unimpressive
  9. We shouldn’t fall behind 2 scores
  10. The Kubiak era is going to give me a heart attack (and I love it)


Bonus 2 (sorry it’s Vine):