Bill Barnwell: Manning’s Issues Aren’t About Arm Strength

Grantland’s Bill Barnwell discusses his observations about Peyton Manning’s play the first two games of this season, but makes clear that Manning’s arm strength isn’t the issue.

If you’re working off the premise that Manning is finished because his arm is zapped and he’s thrown two pick-sixes in two games, that is a flawed conclusion. I don’t think either of those interceptions should be chalked up to Manning’s arm strength. The pick-six by Jimmy Smith last week actually would have been an easier interception if Manning had thrown the ball harder, because Smith would have been able to get a clean jump on the throw. Instead, because the throw was late, Smith had to delay his jump.

Barnwell says it has more to do with Manning’s accuracy in general and what Manning is doing to compensate for his limitations.

I’ll have more thoughts about last night’s game later this afternoon, but Barnwell’s column is worth a read.

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