Football Outsiders: The Broncos O-Line

Ben Muth at Football Outsiders gives his analysis of how the Denver Broncos offensive line performed in Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

Muth’s main criticisms were regarding Matt Paradis, who he said struggled the entire game. He recognized that Ty Sambrailo struggled early but settled down as the game continued, while Evan Mathis didn’t have a good outing but expects him to get better.

Overall, though, Muth believes that, even though the line struggled, there are signs that the line can improve. He’s not a fan of Paradis, though.

If you’re a Denver fan reading this column, there wasn’t a ton on the surface from the offensive line to be encouraged about, but I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet either. Your left tackle looked young, but didn’t go down the tank mentally after a bad start, made adjustments to help himself throughout the game, and looks like an athlete. Your left guard looks more rusty than washed up. The right side of your line already looks fine. And, well, the only positive I can think of for the center is that it’s only one game and it was his first start.

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