Cardinals at Broncos: The 10 Things I Liked and the 10 Things I Didn’t

I am going to do a different format on this post. Since this is the final preseason game, a lot of players will be cut in the next day that may have played their last NFL game. Some will make the team and others may go off to another team. In this post, I want to focus on the players who were riding on the roster bubble with 10 players I think played well and 10 players that didn’t. Please keep in mind that these players may be competing against each other and these are my initial observations. Without further ado,

10 players I liked:

  1. Bennie Fowler (WR)
  2. Steven Johnson (ILB)
  3. Josh Furman (S)
  4. Isaiah Burse (WR)
  5. Dominique Jones (TE)
  6. Josh Bush (S)
  7. Josh Watson (DE)
  8. Zaire Anderson (ILB)
  9. Corbin Louks (PR / KR)
  10. Evan Mathis wore his hat forwards in his interview (reference)

10 Players I didn’t like:

  1. Curtis Marsh (CB)
  2. Shelley Smith (G)
  3. Marcel Jensen (TE)
  4. Kyle Roberts (T)
  5. Lamin Barrow (ILB)
  6. Montee Ball (RB)
  7. Michael Schofield (T) – Note: He doesn’t typically play LT and this was new to him
  8. Kyle Roberts (T)
  9. Max Garcia (C) – Note: He’s played excellent all preseason at LG
  10. The amount of discussion on Tom Brady. Seriously, stop it.