75th Anniversary All-America Team: Some Became Broncos

The Football Writers Association of America has released its 75th Anniversary All-America Team, which recognizes its selection for the best college football players since the association started choosing teams.

Before anyone gets tuned up, the teams are selected based on what the players did in college, not the pros. So not everyone who made the team went on to greatness at the pro level, although a number of them did.

Those players who made the team who became Denver Broncos at some point are Champ Bailey, Tony Dorsett, Tim Tebow and Dre Bly.

And Merlin Olsen and Jerry Rice have loose ties. Olsen was drafted by the Broncos, but signed with the Los Angeles Rams back when the NFL and AFL were rivals. Rice attended Broncos training camp in 2005 but retired before the season started.

The FWAA can be found here.

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