And There It Is – Broncos and Demaryius Thomas Agree To Extension

Adam Schefter, everyone.

Certainly there will be more to come. Good news that the Broncos and DT got a deal done.

ETA: I will update what I can, but Schefter is the only one thus far saying an agreement has been reached. Troy Renck has reported this:

Of course, Schefter is likely talking to Thomas’ agent, and Renck may be talking to Broncos officials. But all signs indicate Thomas will be staying with the Broncos.

More updates behind the link.

ETA2: Given what Mike Klis is saying, it looks like a deal will happen.

ETA3: A little more info from Klis, which seems to indicate the Broncos kept his signing bonus low. We’ll see when more numbers come out, though.

ETA4: Based on what Troy Renck is reporting, Thomas’ financial future is certainly secure.

ETA5: Two more pieces of information and I’ll stop for a while. First is this note from Albert Breer, which indicates how close to the wire this came.

And second, I thought you’d all appreciate what Andrew Mason said.

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