End of the Road for Welker?

Mike Freeman had an interesting read at Bleacher Report today, about how many teams are reluctant to sign former Broncos WR Wes Welker because of concerns about his concussion history.
We know that Welker had three concussions in a nine-month span when he played for the Broncos (two late in the 2013 season, and one in the 2014 preseason). But Freeman shared some interesting information on top of this.

Here’s the thing: The three concussions in a nine-month span were widely discussed, but it’s impossible to say how many concussions Welker has had beyond that. Teams familiar with Welker’s medical history say they believe he has had at least six concussions and as many as 10.¬†Only he knows for sure. And it’s possible he may not know the full number.

That some teams believe Welker had anywhere from six to 10 concussions should tell you plenty about the NFL’s attitude toward head injuries in years past.

My personal opinion is Welker should retire, but as Freeman notes, Welker still wants to play, even as other, younger players are getting out of the game because of worries about concussions.

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