Broncos Redo Donald Stephenson’s Contract

Remember that the term “restructure” is often used too broadly by the media. It should specifically refer to the technique of converting base salary to a signing bonus for the purposes of gaining cap space in the current year. While possible with Stephenson, I highly doubt that was the case here.  I would instead be thinking Stephenson either took a pay cut or agreed to some other alteration to make the contract friendlier for Denver.

UPDATE – 9:30 AM MT: Stephenson and the Broncos have agreed to split the difference between his pending $4 million salary guarantee:

If Stephenson does not make the final 53, the dead money will depend on how Stephenson will receive the $2 million:

  • If the $2 million is still part of his salary, the Broncos would incur $3 million of dead money in 2017, and $1 million in 2018.
  • If the $2 million was given as a signing bonus, the Broncos would incur $2 million in dead money in both 2017 and 2018.

Broncos Sign Domata Peko & Zach Kerr

As Klis subsequently tweeted, “Broncos now have two Pekos on D-line: Domata and cousin Kyle.”  As a UFA, Peko will count against the Broncos as a compensatory free agent signed.  Kerr, on the other hand, was an RFA that was not tendered by the Colts, and thus will not count in the compensatory formula.

Klis also has some contract details for Peko:

Ronald Leary Contract Details

Beyond the fold is the table of how Leary’s contract table should look via reports from Wilson and Pelissero: Continue reading Ronald Leary Contract Details

The Evening After Day 1, 2017 League Year: Be Like Little Fonzies

There was little news regarding the Broncos during the legal tampering period of the last two days.  This led Linsday Jones to send out this lighthearted tweet in the morning to poke fun at the nerves of some Broncos fans.  Nerves from the lack of action were answered by the signing of Ronald Leary, but new nerves popped up on three fronts:

  1. The last second failed effort to convince Calais Campbell to come to Denver instead of Jacksonville.
  2. The quick poaching of multiple left tackles by teams other than the Broncos (punctuated by the rival Chargers swiping Russell Okung away from Denver for a mind-boggling $13 million APY).
  3. The ongoing Tony Romo saga.

However, for all Broncos fans out there that still have nerves rattled from this, I’ll advise you to do what my response was to the Broncos fans that Jones responded to: be like little Fonzies. Continue reading The Evening After Day 1, 2017 League Year: Be Like Little Fonzies

Mike Klis Previews 2017 Free Agency

This is a very useful checklist by Mike Klis compiled on where the Broncos may be heading in a few days.  I have some thoughts on it, but first, here are the highlights:

  1. Brandon McManus and Todd Davis are both expected to receive a second round RFA tender.
  2. Tony Romo could be indeed be in play for the Broncos for the earlier speculated price of $10-$12 million APY.
  3. Quoting Vance Joseph, the Broncos are looking for a left tackle…
  4. …but aren’t looking for a right tackle.
  5. The Broncos are also looking for a right guard (and are set with Max Garcia at left guard).
  6. The Broncos need to replace Sylvester Williams, and may go “budget” at the nose tackle position.
  7. Defensive end is cited as the more urgent need, with Calais Campbell atop the list and Lawrence Guy cited as an alternative.

You can find my thoughts beyond the fold. Continue reading Mike Klis Previews 2017 Free Agency

2017 Compensatory Picks Announced

The Broncos will get picks in the 3rd (#101), 5th (#177), and two in the 7th (#252 and #253).

Press release is here.

In sum, two adverse changes were made to my Broncos’ projection that I both anticipated might happen.  Danny Trevathan was valued as a 5th rounder, of which I thought was a very close call, and isn’t a huge deal.  But the real blow against the Broncos was that the compensatory formula decided to count the entirety of Russell Okung’s contract (as well as Kelvin Beachum’s, structured the same way).  That caused Okung to be easily valued as a 3rd rounder, and thus canceled out their highest 3rd round CFA lost, and that was Brock Osweiler.  In turn, it freed up a 7th round pick for Vernon Davis.  The Broncos’ other 7th rounder, for Ryan Harris, will be the Mr. Irrelevant pick once again for Denver.  This year, I personally hope they won’t trade it.